A Course About Straightness

This 3-month course begins March 4, 2019. Reserve your spot now.

Full info: https://courses.artisticdressage.com/p/straightness-of-course

Straightness… Crookedness… Hollow side… Stiff side… Weak side… Strong side...

Are you confused yet???

This is SUCH a big topic for riders and dressage training but also it is such a confusing topic for soooo many.

In this online course, we are going to break down what straightness and crookedness means. We are to going to explain in great detail how to understand this topic, and what YOU can about it.

In Month 1, you will learn:

- The Definition of Straightness and Crookedness

- The Biomechanics of crookedness
- How to understand the difference between your horse’s stiff side and hollow side and how this impacts the rest of your training

- The key symptoms of crookedness which you should be aware of and on watch for at all times in your training

- What happens when the horse becomes straight

- How your own crookedness plays a role in your riding

- Typical asymmetries in the rider

- How to analyse and assess your own level crookedness

- Exercises to develop your awareness of crookedness

- Exercises you can ride to help you define and diagnose your horse’s crookedness


In Months 2 and 3, you will learn how to address and correct horse and rider crookedness and improve/develop horse and rider straightness including

- Strategies to cultivate while addressing your and your horse’s crookedness

- What to work towards and how

- Exercises you can use to improve your horse’s straightness
- Exercises specifically effective on the horse’s hollow side

- Exercises specifically effective on the horse’s stiff side

- Exercises which are effective at making BOTH sides more even

- Rider Exercises you can use to improve your own straightness




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