The Circle of the Aids

The circle of aids is a description of the mechanism that allows the energy impulses of the hind legs to travel along the horse's spine to the reins and back again through the rider's seat to the hind legs. It connects the horse from back to front and enables the rider to flex the hind legs with the combined weight of horse and rider.

Shana and Dr. Thomas Ritter run Artistic Dressage, a program of online courses and programs which educate riders how to train their horses themselves, in accordance with classical principles and biomechanics.

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PDF written by Dr. Thomas Ritter, author of Dressage Principles Based on Biomechanics (Cadmos) and Long Reining: From the Beginning through the Levade (Cadmos). Dr. Ritter has also published a collection of eBooks called the GPS series which features biomechanically-based gymnastic exercises designed to develop horses systematically and classically.

The Author:

Dr. Thomas Ritter

Thomas is an International Clinician and author of two books (Dressage Principles based on Biomechanics and Long Reining: From the Beginning through the Levade) and countless articles in many publications. Shana is a USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist. Together they create and orchestrate the Artistic Dressage program.


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