The next FeldenFit 30 day Challenge begins for
FeldenFit 3 on January 2nd, 2024!!!

We periodically do 30-day challenges together as a group. You can do the challenges, work independently, or do both. You can repeat the lessons and the challenges as many times as you like.

 Break free from restrictive habits...


we introduced 4 key concepts that are ESSENTIAL for riders but with a twist -  how to develop core stability without straining using the image of the pelvic clock, how to get agile legs and supple hip joints without stretching, how to improve spatial awareness and reduce fear of falling, and how to build the power and strength necessary for all sports in a functional and effective way without injuring yourself.

Our course members loved this new way of developing the fitness necessary for riding well, but with a finesse they hadn't dreamed possible. They couldn't believe the changes they made in such a short time. So we decided to do a second FeldenFit programme.

 we took a deep dive into the key concepts that we introduced in our first programme and we added the requests of the course members. We introduced the image of the diagonal connecting lines in the torso that proved to be a game changer for our riders. In the second week we focused on re-organising the shoulder girdle, upper back and arms to find a light and elastic connection to your horse's mouth without interference. Week 3 continued with the theme of differentiating the hip joints and freeing the legs from the tyranny of long held muscular contractions. With the core, upper body and pelvis and hips re-organised, the last week was all about how to use these improvements in dynamic changes of orientation. We learned to move from lying to standing with the effortless ease of a martial artist. Even the relationship of the head, neck and jaw to the ability of the pelvis to move in all its possible directions was explored and clarified.


we created a series specifically designed around the needs of Riders based on the experiences and feedback they shared with us in the previous two FeldenFit programmes. This programme specifically addressed how to take your riding to the next level with lessons and imagery that improve the foundation and support from the ground up and movements that free your head, neck and eyes from long-held patterns of muscular contractions. You experienced how ribs that are springy and supple impact the independence of your legs and hip joints. This series also included 4 special lessons designed specifically  to do in the saddle or before getting on the horse.

The feedback was so positive, and the riders benefited so much from that series, we decided to make a fourth programme to expand upon the concepts in the previous 3 series.  

 FeldenFit 4 is a series of 30 lessons that help you create harmony in your riding.

A stillness, softness, and refined movement that’s effective yet barely visible from the outside. 

The next FeldenFit 30-day Challenge begins for
FeldenFit 3 on January 2, 2024!!!

We periodically do 30-day challenges together as a group. You can do the challenges, work independently, or do both. You can repeat the lessons and the challenges as many times as you like.

Introducing FeldenFit 4 - The Freedom Sessions

Week 1 - Simpler Lines

Riders will love these 7 lessons to restore their true length and  width and establish a clear midline with a stable balanced base of support.

An effective seat maintains length and width in the torso, with freedom in the hip joints to move your legs easily in multiple directions to aid, balance and support your horse.

Day 1 - Simpler
Day 2 - Lifting the Arches of the Feet
Day 3 - The Narrow X
Day 4 - Head and the Diagonals
Day 5 - Rolling the Head with the Elbows
Day 6 - Freeing the Head by Circling the Feet
Day 7 - Simpler Standing

Week 2 - Independent Legs
7 lessons to liberate your hip joints and free your legs to be agile, light and powerful.

Diagnose, clarify and restore the connection of movements that allow you to create a stable yet light 'kneeling seat' and an independent leg.

Day 8 - Swiveling the Heels to Free the Hip Joints
Day 9 - Independent Legs on a Roller
Day 10 - Opposition Twist on a Roller
Day 11 - Knees Havdalah (The Blessing) Part 1
Day 12 - Knees Havdalah (The Blessing) Part 2
Day 13 - Folding the Hip Joints in Sitting
Day 14 - Standing up with Crossed Legs

Week 3 - Intelligent Arms/Skilful Hands

7 lessons to free your shoulder girdle, restore a full range of movement to your arms, and give refinement and sensitivity to your hands and fingers.

Discovering your capacity to still your hands while allowing softness and yielding in your chest and shoulder girdle.

 Day 15 - Arm Up a Drainpipe
Day 16 - Inverting the Hands in Sitting
Day 17 - Turning the Arms Inside Out
Day 18 - Preparation for Tying the Upper Arms
Day 19 - Moulding the Shoulders Into the Floor
Day 20 - The Surgeons's Hands
Day 21 - The Surgeon's Hands with Eye Movements

Week 4 - Connected

7 lessons to reveal the potential of your upper body to bend, flex extend and rotate. Release the small habitual braces which keep you a little bit twisted or collapsed for an incredible sense of evenness in how you use the two sides of yourself when you ride.

Day 22 - Elbows on Knees
Day 23 - Walking the Elbows
Day 24 - Head on a Roller
Day 25 - Head Circles
Day 26 - Walking the Wall
Day 27 - Head Circles with Tongue Movements
Day 28 - The Sphinx

2 Additional Days:
Feel how the movements of your hip joints, knees and feet are distributed through your whole self. It's wonderful to have a quiet, well-organised upper body, a powerful centre, free hip joints and independent legs. 

Finally, lie back and marvel at your incredible human capacity to learn new and more optimal ways of moving and for discovering how movement truly can be pleasurable and enjoyable! 

Day 29 - The Carp Jump
Day 30 - Scan


"Feeling younger while growing older. Never have been that supple before in my whole life. 10 minutes a day keeps the doctor away 😉." - Rickie Boevink, NL

Feldenfit gives you the knowledge and power to improve your own health and well being. The exercises have become a critical part of my routine to keep me moving well without pain killers. 😁." - Michelle King, UK

“After Feldenfit I had to apologise to my physio for no longer making appointments. The 15 years spent trying to relieve the pain in my hip. Ceased after one exercise” - Heather Warburton, UK

"Let your body feel younger while growing older. Help yourself to more mobility and fun in your riding and daily life by resolving movement restrictions in your body with a series of slow but very effective exercises done within the comfort of your living room. Short sessions of 10-15 minutes per day will empower you and help you to stay fit in the long run." - Nan Brünig

My name is Catherine McCrum. I have over 30 years experience of training people in sport, fitness and movement. I have been a Guild certified Feldenkrais practitioner since 2002, and I have a masters in Gestalt Psychotherapy. I also work as an Assistant Teacher for Ritter Dressage and I co-teach "The Aware Rider" with Thomas and Shana Ritter and Charlotte Zetterberg, a fellow Feldenkrais Practitioner.“


I am an internationally qualified ski instructor and spent my early twenties coaching both members of the public and ski instructors world wide. On my return to London I retrained as a fitness instructor. Through this I developed a passion for writing about health and fitness, subsequently worked as a health and fitness journalist for various newspapers and magazines.

During this time I personally trained a number of well-known people including public figures, actors, musicians and models. I also worked as a fitness model for various books and videos. In pursuit of improving my athletic performance, I trained in Pilates Reformer and Matwork for over 5 years and was one of the first to introduce the Pilates approach to core stability into my training programmes. I’m the author of The Supple Workout which is based on how to incorporate Pilates into fitness programmes. I also presented these concepts at conferences to fellow health and fitness professionals.


In 1998 I discovered the Feldenkrais Method and in a matter of moments, dropped the Pilates and switched to Feldenkrais.


This changed my life and the course of my career. Currently I teach a wide variety of individuals and groups in my practice in London ranging from those who wish to improve their performance in their sport or their art, to people with neurological difficulties. I also have a psychotherapy practice. I have presented on how the Feldenkrais Method can support rehabilitation to physiotherapists, biomechanics experts and body workers as well as how it can improve performance to the British Association of Ski Instructors.


I have a passion for helping people reach more of their potential in every aspect of their life.


Quality fitness training has always been a huge part of improving my performance and staying injury-free for my sports, but when I embarked on the Feldenkrais training, my ideas about what it is to be fit and healthy RADICALLY changed.

I learned how to work out intelligently, rather than hard. And I learned that if I listened to the feedback from my body rather than pushed through pain, I could improve my performance and stay injury-free.”

The Feldenkrais method is a way (or means) of developing your awareness of how you move (and also what STOPS you from moving as well as you can, or as well as you would like to) in your daily activities and in your sports or hobbies.

I use my knowledge as a Feldenkrais teacher and blend this with my background in sport and fitness to make a flowing sequence of exercises that  enhance co-ordination, agility, suppleness and effortless power.

FeldenFit is a totally new concept. It’s an amalgamation of my current work as a Feldenkrais Practitioner but also of my earlier work as a ski coach and fitness instructor.

Over the years I’ve developed a series of short Feldenkrais inspired movement sequences that I do regularly in the comfort of my own sitting room.
I do them before I ride, after I've worked out, and as part of my daily life.
My students feed back that these short lessons easily fit into their day and have transformed their movement and their body awareness.
The unexpected bonus is how the exploratory and non-judgmental attitude that is encouraged in the sessions has expanded beyond the movements: they feel more balanced, centred and grounded in every aspect of life.

Try a Sample FeldenFit Lesson:

This is a familiar exercise with a few surprising twists! The movements in this session will help you feel how good support from your feet and legs helps you differentiate the vertebrae of your spine, frees your hip joints and enables you to access the power of your pelvis for dynamic stability. In lying, you explore many possibilities of how to free your hip joints and find the dynamic power in your pelvis and spine that is so essential for moving and riding effortlessly.

Riders will also notice that when you find more length and power in the spine to hold you upright, it becomes easier to lengthen the front of the hip joints so that the legs are free for subtle cues and aids.

✯ 30 days of daily 5-15 minute guided exercise videos (Valued at €300)
✯ Do them anywhere, anytime - Downloadable Audio Files (Valued at €45)
✯ Periodic Accountability Challenges in the Facebook Group (Valued at €100)
✯ Support and Encouragement in the Facebook Group (Priceless!)


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Our Guarantee

We hope you will love this program. You will have a full 2 weeks from the date of purchase to see if it is right for you. If it doesn’t resonate with you, just let us know and we will refund your money. No hassles. No hard feelings.

"It’s the easiest possible way to maintain mobility and strength."  - Jacky Davies, UK


"FF not only improves your riding and awareness, it also improves the quality of your daily life."  - Kelli Compagnoni


"FF is my daily routine! 😊"  - Ursula Lutsch


"Get stronger without weights. Get more supple without Pilates. Be more body aware in a few minutes a day with FeldenFit" - Linda Jones


"FF4 was my first FF course and I liked it very much. Having done nearly all four courses now (I will end up with the first time FF1 between the years) in FF4 I especially like the little longer duration of the lessons with more time to listen to the  body in between the movements." - Caroline Kurz


"FF4 has certainly helped improve my riding. It stretches the mind as well as softens the body, challenging questions and unusual movements. From ‘surgeons hands’ to ‘carp leap on a roller’ I feel things differently." - Rosamund Saunders


"If you want to be well connected with the horse it is necessary to be well connected with all parts of your own body. I have never felt so one with my horse. since I've been doing feldenkrais every day, I've been able to ride much more relaxed and I'm  more flexible, both in my body and in my mind 🥳- Tanja Pohlmann


I don’t practice daily, I should. But when I feel stiff and sore, FF is my first thought. Love that it’s meditative and helps me be more aware of how I move and carry myself. There are a few practices that are phenomenal for my locked up right SI. - Lyse Bisonnette


"I have recommended FF to many people but have not found the perfect words to describe how powerful it is, besides what I feel of course." - Katja Mueller


"Feldenkrais has become an essential part of my daily routine. It gives me better body awareness and helps me feel more grounded, which helps in my riding and also with everything that life throws at me." - Maria Blomen


"Fabulous for the body and the mind and it enables you to improve your riding when you aren't on your horse." - Susan Hinton-Smith


"Healing comes through the body & FeldenFit is a great movement involving balance & strength as it is able to help us connect with more  awareness about muscles we didn’t know we have!💕- Fiona Gillespie

Frequently Asked Questions

FeldenFit 1 and 2 are a general approach to improving your fitness the Feldenkrais way. FeldenFit 3 and 4 focus on the specifics of what's required for riding with finesse. The details of how you can use every bone in your feet for support, how each joint in your leg can be available for supple aids. The importance of equalising the use of your eyes so that you can easily indicate new directions to your horse without hesitation. These are just a couple of examples of the specificity of what's on offer for riders in this programme.

FF1, 2 and 3 introduce fitness the Feldenkrais way so although you can do FF4 without participating in the first three programmes, it helps to have the foundations of this unique way of working firmly established.

To get FeldenFit 1, click here.

To get FeldenFit 2, click here.

To get FeldenFit 3, click here.


If you want to be the best possible partner for your horse, if you want to refine your self-use and take your riding to the next level, if you are an intelligent, thinking rider...then you are ready for FF4.

Feldenfit exercises are designed to extend your movement abilities and improve your co-ordination and the health of your posture. This makes it particularly suitable for riders who need to be both stable yet dynamic, powerful yet soft,  clear in their intention yet able to change tack at a moment’s notice.

You can expect to improve your motor skills - co-ordination, balance and agility. You can expect to become more stable and centred without sacrificing you ability to move dynamically according to the demands of the situation. You can expect increased awareness of the sensations that let you know when you’re working at your most optimal.

You need to be physically capable to follow an exercise programme. If you’ve had surgery recently or you have a medical condition that could prohibit you from exercising, then you need consult your GP or Medical Consultant.

You can do most of these exercises.  A few may be more challenging, but there are ways of modifying the movements so that they’re suitable. If you’ve had surgery recently you need to consult your Medical Consultant.

Yes. For example if you have difficult being on your knees, then I suggest that you place pads or cushions. Also many of the exercises start with an easy version and become more demanding. You are encouraged to stick to the variation that is within your limits and personal comfort.

This is not a pre or post natal programme. Some of the exercises will not be suitable for pregnant women whereas others will be.

Yes. All the movements are done slowly and with attention to ease, comfort and enjoyment.  You don’t have to be especially flexible or strong to start the programme though it’s especially important in Feldenfit exercises to listen to your body and not push beyond your limits. 

Some of the exercises are simple and others are more challenging. If an exercise is too difficult for you, then you can skip it and return at a later date. It’s likely that your co-ordination and skills will improve through the programme so that all the exercises become possible eventually.

This is a series of lessons which primarily improve motor skills and co-ordination. As long as you can get down on the floor then you have the skills to start.

On a carpet, rug or padded mat. A yoga mat is not suitable as you need to be able to slide.

Just a floor and a rug or mat to lie on.

Loose comfortable clothing.

All the exercises are designed to be done in your own home.

As often as it feels enjoyable to do so. Like any physical skill, practise is a vital part of improving how you move in all aspects of your life.

Although there are 30 days of exercises, it’s important that you work at the pace that is right for you so just pick up where you left off.

Yes, you will have unlimited, lifetime access.

Yes, you can do them at your own pace. These are 30 days of lessons to do at any schedule that works for you. Some may choose to do them less frequently. Others may choose to do several a day. Both are possible and both are absolutely allowed. We encourage you to find what schedule feels good to you, and works for you in your current situation.

I suggest modifications. But you can also ask in the facebook group. If an exercise is too challenging then move on to the next one. You may find that you come back to the more difficult exercises  in the future and miraculously you are able to do them with ease.

There is always room for improvement! You can learn to do what you already do well with less effort and more flow so that you have energy left. These movements are inspired by the Feldenkrais Method - many artists, sportsmen and performers use Feldenkrais to improve their performance.

Of course!! As long as you are not pushing through discomfort or pain, you can do the exercises as often as you like.

You can repeat the sequences you find enjoyable. And you can go back to the exercises that you found more challenging. 


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