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Monday February 19 - Friday February 23, 2018

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You will learn:


  • How to view the Flying Change as a series of biomechanical elements
  • How this process begins long before the horse is actually “ready” to do the flying changes
  • How exercises can be used to help prepare the horse gymnastically for the work which will eventually produce a flying change
  • 5 exercises you can work on which will help you get closer towards having your horse ready to learn the flying changes
  • How to begin. The first step can be the hardest. And we're going to guide you.
  • How to modify the exercises to best serve you and your horse where you both are right now
  • How to view this process as a journey

This 5-day mini-course is for you if any of these apply:

👤  You someday want to be able to ride flying changes with your horse
👤 You have no idea how to train the flying changes
👤 You don’t know how to use exercises to help prepare your horse for the flying changes
👤 You can ride flying changes but they need some work
👤 You only know one way or approach to get the flying change

Meet your Instructors

Thomas & Shana Ritter

Located in Germany, Thomas is an International Clinician and author of  "Dressage Principles based on Biomechanics" and "Long Reining: From the Beginning through the Levade" (published by Cadmos Press in both English and German) and countless articles in many publications. Shana is a USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist. Together they create and orchestrate the Artistic Dressage program.

WHAT is a Challenge and HOW does it work?

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√ Every day (for 5 days) you will receive an email with an introduction to the teaching for the day

√ The actual training sessions will be LIVE in the Facebook group.

√ If you can't watch the session LIVE, you can still watch the recording.

√ There will be a downloadable PDF for each training which will include the exercise for the day and tips to help you ride it well.

√ You can post your updates, progress, and discoveries in the Facebook group.

√ and... The person who shares the most significant progress or discoveries within the Challenge will WIN enrollment in our upcoming Flying Changes Course.

√ It's all totally FREE. Just show up!


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