How to Get a Good Canter

Conventional wisdom says that for dressage you need to buy a horse with a good walk and a good canter because these gaits are difficult, if not impossible, to improve, whereas it is much easier to improve the trot. Like many generalised rules, it is not altogether wrong, but it’s not completely true, either. On the one hand, it is accurate to say that horses with a calm, round, uphill canter and good suspension are much easier to train than horses with a rushy, scratchy, downhill canter. On the other hand, it is possible to improve the canter quite a bit, if you know how.

This free PDF is an comprehensive break-down of exactly how you can improve your horse's canter using your seat, aids, and specific exercises.

Written by Dr. Thomas Ritter, author of Dressage Principles Based on Biomechanics and Longreining: From the Beginning through the Levade,


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