"Double Bridle Camp" Mini Course

Register for camp! But this is no ordinary tennis camp! Oh no! This is Double Bridle Camp.

In this self-paced, independent study program, we will take you through the whole process of introducing you and the horse to the double bridle. Whether you have never used the double bridle (but you are ready to learn) or you've been riding with the double-bridle for years, this course will give you a comprehensive understanding of how to use and introduce the double bridle to your horse so that you can avoid mistakes from occurring further in the training.

This is highly specialized information. We cover information that we have never taught in our online courses before and can only be found in this mini-course.

You will learn:

- Why it is beneficial to train the horse in the double bridle.

- What it can it do for your horse's training.

- Prerequisites to riding the horse in the double bridle (so that you are not introducing it prematurely).

- What the actions of the bridoon and curb do.

- How to fit and adjust the bridle correctly.

- When to start using it.

- How often to plan to use it.

- How to choose the correct reins.

- The traditional recommendations to always keep in mind when riding with the double bridle.

- The different ways of holding the reins and the advantages of each method (Fillis 2:2, Fillis 3:1, Competition 2:2, Classical 3:1, 4:1, “Newcastle” 3:1).

- What to do in the early stages of working with the double bridle to set the horse up correctly.

- How to teach the horse to go forward even MORE with the double bridle

- How to "connnect" the hind legs to the two bits.

- How to connect each leg to "its" rein.

- Working one hind leg first with a snaffle, then with the curb by changing bend.


You receive:

- All of the original course content which includes PDF trainings, video trainings, and bonus video teaching, as well as the recording of a bonus Q&A session.

- Facebook Community to discuss all of the related aspects, ask more questions, post video for specific feedback and trouble-shooting

- Lifetime access to all PDFs, Videos, Audios, and the Facebook Group

- We have only ever offered this program LIVE once (this is the packaged course of all the recordings, all the materials, and all the trainings). IF we do run it again, however, you will have the opportunity to join the next version (if you so desire) for a nominal fee.


This program is for advanced riders familiar with our methods and programs, ready to begin work in the double bridle soon or already using the double bridle and desiring a deeper understanding of how it can be used.

- If you have not taken a course from us before (live or online), then this program is not for you.
- There are no refunds, for any reason.

If you want a quick consult to determine if you are a good fit and ready for this program, email [email protected] .