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Take the Adventure. What will this course include?

In Month 1, you will learn:

- The Definition of Straightness and Crookedness
- The Biomechanics of crookedness
- How to understand the difference between your horse’s stiff side and hollow side and how this impacts the rest of your training
- The key symptoms of crookedness which you should be aware of and on watch for at all times in your training
- What happens when the horse becomes straight
- How your own crookedness plays a role in your riding
- Typical asymmetries in the rider
- How to analyse and assess your own level crookedness
- Exercises to develop your awareness of crookedness
- Exercises you can ride to help you define and diagnose your horse’s crookedness


In Month 2 and 3, you will learn  how to address and correct horse and rider crookedness and improve/develop horse and rider straightness including:

- Strategies to cultivate while addressing your and your horse’s crookedness
- What to work towards and how
- Exercises you can use to improve your horse’s straightness
- Exercises specifically effective on the horse’s hollow side
- Exercises specifically effective on the horse’s stiff side
- Exercises which are effective at making BOTH sides more even
- Rider Exercises you can use to improve your own straightness

Wait... I should tell you a bit about us before we go any further. We are Thomas and Shana Ritter.

We live in Germany.
Thomas is an International Dressage Clinician, teaching all over Europe, the United States, and Canada. Thomas wrote about his system in his first book, “Dressage Principles Based on Biomechanics” published through Cadmos Press in 2011, and he further expanded upon the practical application of those principles applied to the training at the Long Rein with his second book, “Long Reining: From the Beginning through the Levade” in 2014.
Shana is an FEI competitor and developer of the Artistic Dressage Online Course Program. 
We have spent our lives researching and diving in deeper. We have studied the biomechanics. We have extensively studied the classical equestrian literature. We have ridden with many of the great classical masters of our time. We have distilled our years and years of learning down into a system which is straight-forward and gives you actionable, concrete tools to make real change in your riding.

Take the Adventure. What will this course include?

The Course Specifics

10+ weeks total

Course Begins: February 1, 2018

Course Ends: April 30, 2018

2 week "vacation" March 22-April 10

Lifetime Access to all materials

Automatic enrollment in finished course (for no additional fee!)

The Course Content

10 Modules of course materials

Theory Lessons

Horse-focused Exercises

Rider-focused Exercises

Tips and Strategies

Videos, Audio files

Instructional PDFs

All downloadable


The Live Q&As

6 Scheduled Q&A's

Ask your questions on the spot or in advance

Get individualized "coaching" tips

All are Q&As are recorded

Download the video & audio to watch/listen at your leisure


Private FB Group

Premium Members-only Community

4 Assistant Teachers in addition to Thomas & Shana

Safe, supportive atmosphere

Post your videos

Ask your Q's

Get feedback and help


Here's what members of our courses had to say:

"A spontaneous decision that has permanently changed my approach"

"I made a huge leap of faith when I invested in this course, having no experience of how one can learn dressage online. I have been astonished - in a good way - at the depth of information, at Thomas' ability to explain a physical sport through understandable science, and at the improvements in me. It was a spontaneous decision that has permanently changed for the good my approach to dressage, and my horses' benefit from it. Thanks to this course, now I know what I am doing in one aspect of my training!"

- Jacky Davies (Alberta, Canada)

"I can see a huge difference in how my horse moves."

"An unbelievable course. Totally outstanding. I have learnt a phenomenal amount and can see a huge difference in how my horse moves. I was nervous at the start of the course that I would be the numpty of the students, but you can learn/study at your own pace and Shana and Thomas were always happy to answer any of my questions."

- Fran Griffith (Ceredigion, UK)

"I no longer go round in circles with no purpose."

"I started in the dark, not sure how to improve on basics taught years ago but knowing there was 'more to it'. I can't believe how much I have learned from Thomas and Shana. I now have the building blocks to work with any horse, not just mine. The improvement in my own horse is measurable. I am so motivated to ride and explore every single day. Massive thank you. I no longer go round in circles with no purpose."

- Ann Savage (Lincolnshire, UK)

Enrollment is closed. Get in on the next course!

Each Module is broken down into instruction and exercises

Each week you get new exercises you can implement into your riding program. Some are designed to help sharpen your awareness and some are designed to give you the tools you need to improve your and your horse's straightness. You get a combo of PDFs and videos to learn each exercise. Pick the ones you want to ride now; save the others for later.

This is a course about learning through implementation... not just learning the theory.


Each week's module will likely contain:
- Video Instruction
- Graphic illustration of the exercises
- PDF Instructions
- Exercises Worksheets
- Opportunity to post your video of yourself riding the exercises for feedback and tips

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of horse and rider is this course appropriate for?

We try to be all-welcoming . That means if you want to learn, we will do our very best to teach you... regardless of what kind of horse you have, what kind of tack you ride in, and what kind of background you have.


What level is this course appropriate for?

You should be able to ride, or willing to learn to use, lateral movements.


What type of tack / equipment do I need?

A horse to ride, relatively level space to ride in (arena with adequate footing is recommended but our course members have had success even without a standard "arena" to ride in). Not required but recommended: cones or other arena markers, a video camera to record your rides. You should also have an internet connection and a computer or other device with which to access the course materials and Facebook group.


What if I can't watch the Q&A's live?

No problem. They are all recorded. You can watch the recording afterwards in the FB Group, but you can also download the video and audio of the session in the course platform. If you have a question you want answered but cannot attend live, you can post it beforehand.


What if I can't keep up?

You are under no obligation to keep up with the course. You have lifetime access to the materials and the Facebook group, so you can work through the materials at your own pace. Don't forget that you also get to take the entire course again when the final version is released (for no extra charge).


What if I am not riding right now? What if my riding is interrupted by illness or injury part way through the course?

We have instructors who no longer ride take the courses and they use the exercises with their students. We have had people recovering from injuries, etc. take the courses. We have had people stop partway through and pick it back up again later. It is not a problem. These are your materials to do with as you wish - work through them at a pace that works for you. Learn the theory first and apply the riding exercises later, etc.


How do I join?

Enrollment is closed for the current course, but you can sign up for the WAIT LIST and we will send you an email notification as soon as we re-open it again later in the year.


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