Free Feldenkrais Lesson for Riders

A Free "Awareness in Movement" lesson by Feldenkrais Practitioner, Catherine McCrum.

How can Feldenkrais help riders?

Inherent in every person is the capacity to learn new ways of doing things. Riding is a learning activity, and if you are straining and forcing while riding, you aren't learning. The less effort you use in your action, the more you notice, and the more you notice, the more you can change your action.

Feldenkrais is mindfulness in action, and this is what it can do for your riding:

• Develop science-based strategies to learn what the talented riders just "Do."
• Change your movement patterns and improve your riding.
• Address your habitual way of moving and open up for the new.
• Learn how to make choices with awareness while riding.
• Begin acting with choice rather than compulsion.
• Experience how the smallest movement in one part of the body changes the whole body, and how doing less can get you more.
• Achieve better coordination, focus, and harmony with yourself and your horse.

When you know what you do, you can do what you want. In the words of Moshe Feldenkrais, make the impossible possible, the possible probable and the probable automatic.

Become the rider your horse is waiting for.

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Feldenkrais is about learning to do less, so you can feel what you're doing that isn't helping you. Then you can develop better ways of moving which allow you to do what you want with ease.

The Instructor:

Catherine McCrum

Catherine McCrum is an accredited Feldenkrais practitioner and has been teaching sport, fitness and movement since 1986 as first a ski instructor/coach and then as a Personal Trainer. In 2002 she finished her Feldenkrais training. She is also a rider and is joining us in this course to help you learn how to recognize how the way you use your body can be interfering with your ability to progress in your riding. She is also a Gestalt psychotherapist with a particular interest in working  with developing awareness of how her clients embody their emotional and  psychological patterns. Catherine  participates as an Assistant Teacher in our Artistic Dressage Online Courses Program.


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