Special Trainings

€29,99 EUR

You can purchase any of these separately. You can attend them live via Zoom (instructions are provided once you purch...

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2019 Live Training Bonuses Package

€225,00 EUR

Bonus Live Training ScheduleLive Training with Patrick Molenaar: Longeing for Rehabilitation Friday, March 29, 2019 a...

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2019 Live Training Boni Bundle

3 monthly payments of €85,00 EUR

Bonus Live Training ZeitplanLIVE Training mit Gast Patrick Molenaar: Longeing for Rehabilitation (nur in EN)Freitag, ...

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6 Dressage Essentials Course

€250,00 EUR

There are 6 core essentials that comprise everything that we do in Dressage. Like raw ingredients that can be formula...

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Die 6 elementaren Bausteine der Dressurlektionen

€250,00 EUR

In diesem 6-wöchigen Grundlagenkurs führen wir Sie auf eine Reise durch die 6 elementaren Grundbausteine un...

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Exercise of the Month Club

€29,90 EUR every month

EOTM = English: Exercise of the Month ClubDeutsch: Übung des MonatsEOTM is a monthly membership which brings you...

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Arena GPS & Reitbahn Navi eBooks

€29,90 EUR

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Coaching with Thomas (Online Lesson)

€1.100,00 EUR

What is Video Coaching?Detailed instruction tailored just for you, your horse, and your situation through video confe...

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The Pre-Canter Course / Galoppvorbereitung Kurs

€99,00 EUR

"The Pre-Canter Course" - This course is to help you prepare the horse who is not quite yet ready to canter. &...

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Counter-Canter Self-Study Mini-Course

$76.00 USD

This course is a go-at-your-own pace self-study online course which includes: What is the counter-canter Why coun...

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Canter Transformation Course (10-weeks)

€400,00 EUR


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Galoppverwandlung Online Kurs

€400,00 EUR

Dies ist ein 10-wöchiger Kurs, der Ihnen die Werkzeuge, das Verständnis und die praktischen Übungen un...

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