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2021 Contact & Connection Course


Are you are wanting to develop a contact and connection that both YOU and your HORSE love? 

If so, then this is the course for you!


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Next Challenge - July 21-23, 2021


Free 3-Day Online Challenge with Thomas and Shana Ritter with Feldenkrais Practitioner, Catherine McCrum


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Although completely founded in classical dressage principles, this is a brand new approach towards contact and connection in a way that will help you experience dramatic results with less effort, less frustration, and fewer dead-ends.

See the thing is, when most people talk about contact and connection, they don’t go into nearly enough detail - they barely scratch the surface.

And they don’t know how to explain it in a way that will makes sense to someone who has not YET achieved the elusive steady, light, and dependable contact and connection that you know you need in order to progress further in your riding.

And then guess what? No results (or not the results you want)!

The good thing is… they may not be able to explain it in a way that REALLY sets those lightbulbs off for you, but WE can.

We are pulling all of this goodness into a 3-Day Challenge that you can participate in absolutely for free… yes that’s right!

➡ July 21-23, 2021 ⬅

Featured Courses

This is a short, self-paced, self-study course which contains:
- 1 theory training on our version of the Training Scale
- 7 exercises for the horse (almost all with rider demo videos)
- 5 exercises for the rider (Feldenkrais and yoga)
- 2 Rider Imagery lessons
- 1 FeldenHorse lesson you can do with your horse

This selection of exercises is taught by Thomas & Shana Ritter (Dressage Trainers) and Catherine McCrum (Feldenkrais Practitioner). We hope you enjoy the progression through these exercises.


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Current Courses

Exercise of the Month Club

EOTM (Deutsch: Übung des Monats) is a subscription membership (monthly or annual) which brings you new and interesting exercises to help you develop and train your own horse, yourself. Everything is in both English and German.

Read more about it here:


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The Topline Makeover Course

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The 2021 Rider Makeover Course

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Courses for Feldenkrais  and Rider Awareness

FeldenFit 1

30 days to improved Stability, Balance, and Suppleness - without breaking a sweat!

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FeldenFit 2

30 days to !improved Stability, Balance, and Suppleness - continuing on from FeldenFit 1.

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FeldenFit 3

30 days that specifically address how to take your riding to the next level.

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"How Can Feldenkrais Help Riders?"

A 7 day Free Challenge.

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The Aware Rider Program

Parts 1 and 2. Feldenkrais with Catherine McCrum, fused with Dressage with Shana and Thomas Ritter.

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