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This is REAL Dressage for REAL Horses and REAL Riders (like YOU


Classical Dressage is training that works for EVERY HORSE AND EVERY RIDER

This is what the Classical Masters taught and wrote about in the old texts and it is the TRUTH.

No more judgy comments like "You can't do DRESSAGE with THAT horse." 🤯

YES, YOU CAN!!! and you should.

REAL Dressage is not about forcing the horse to look like the dressage horses you see on the TV. Or spending a fortune to buy a horse that will impress everyone.

REAL Dressage is about using Dressage to help every horse, whatever they are, whatever their history and training is, and whatever their issues are. It's not fancy, it's not full of gimmicks and shortcuts- it's good, old fashioned, solid training designed to be GOOD FOR THE HORSE AND RIDER.

Let us take you on a 5-Day Journey to show you how YOU can learn to use Classical Principles and Classical Tools to train your horse to be the best version of himself (or herself)... and help you along the way!

This is REAL Dressage for REAL horses and REAL riders (like you). It's the REAL DEAL!

During the free REAL DEAL DRESSAGE CHALLENGE on June 6-10, Thomas and Shana will condense decades of teaching and training expertise into 5 days of LIVE training so you can understand how to use Dressage to help your horse.


New and Upcoming Courses

The What, Why, How Online Course 

The perfect program for riders who truly want to be the best partner for their horses.

We have been teaching the What, Why, How Course for six years. In this time we have helped many, many  riders realize their dreams to learn to ride in a way that aligns with their values of respect,  harmony, classical principles, well-being of the horse, and relationship/connection.

This course gets results AND for 2024 it is even better! We have remodelled and updated the course. 

This comprehensive online course addresses both the horse and rider. It includes support, online coaching, feedback, and community.

As with all our courses, you'll get lifetime access to the course materials because we know that horses don't follow a timeline!

The only question is whether you will choose level 1 or the complete programme!! 

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The Rider Makeover Course

How to get a Beautiful and Effective Seat that not only makes you feel like an Olympic Rider, but makes your HORSE feel like you are an Olympic Rider…

With the Rider Makeover Course, in 18 weeks, you can completely "makeover" your seat and your riding and become the rider your horse deserves (even if you can't ride regularly right now!!!)

⭐️ 12-module course taught by Dressage Trainer, Dr. Thomas Ritter, and Feldenkrais Practitioners, Catherine McCrum and Charlotte Zetterberg.
⭐️ Weekly theory lessons covering the what, why, and how of each problem so that you understand the foundation of each issue.
⭐️ Weekly imagery lessons you can put to use whether you are riding regularly or unable to ride at all.
⭐️ Weekly Feldenkrais lessons you can do OFF the horse and reap the benefits while ON the horse
⭐️ 9 Live Q&A Sessions There is nothing like getting your questions answered live! 
⭐️ Facebook Community, ongoing support and discussion (and fun!).


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The Ritterize Membership

The Ritterize Membership

(previously EOTM) 

Infuse your Training with Ritterize - your monthly infusion of Ritter Learning. Click on the button to learn more.

June 2024:

Lateral Bend
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Lateral Bend

Lateral Bend is so important, but it is one of those things: It doesn’t necessarily get better the more you focus on it because you need to understand first the prerequisites and the biomechanical components involved. Lateral Bend is really the RESULT of other aspects working correctly, rather than something you can get by WORKING on it. 

So, this month in Ritterize we are featuring the theme of Lateral Bend. We won’t just cover it on the surface - no, we will go in-depth so you can really, finally, understand fully WHAT we mean in Dressage when we refer to Lateral Bend, WHY it is important, HOW it works, and HOW to achieve it.  

The Masterclass this month on Lateral Bend will go into all of this and will provide the opportunity for you to ask questions for further clarification, as well.

The exercise this month is, of course, designed to help you work on the gymnastics and biomechanics involved to improve your horse’s lateral bend. It is called “Ripcurl” and can be ridden in all three gaits: walk, trot, and canter. This is a very good exercise to stretch the muscles on the outside of the bend and to unlock the inside poll and hip, which allows the horse to lift his back and to stretch his top line. The 3rd test of the outside hind leg and the 1st test of the inside hind leg work together to engage and mobilize the hind legs. The volte at the end has a straightening effect.

As always, there will be a Hot Seats Session where we will review several members’ videos riding the “Ripcurl” exercise for this month and give feedback.  Whether we review your video or you are just watching, you are sure to come away with some tips that will help you in your riding. 

Catherine is providing you with a Feldenkrais lesson designed to help you improve your OWN Lateral Flexion. It is called “Lengthening the Sides” and if you have been doing the Feldenkrais lessons long enough, you know how one aspect improves all other aspects in your riding, so even if you think you don’t need any help with “lengthening your sides”, you will inevitably find this lesson helpful in a myriad of other ways. 

Catherine will also be joining us this month for our Wine with Friends Discussion on “Viewing gravity as a friend and ally, instead of viewing it as an enemy that tries to pull you off the horse.”  This is a great opportunity to join IN the discussion and share your thoughts and ideas about the topic, whether you want to bring a glass of wine or not!

We look forward to having you join us for June as we deep-dive into these topics together!

Self-Study Courses

A Course About Straightness with Ritter Dressage

Achieve Straightness as a horse-rider unit and see the benefits in everything you do in your riding! 

The Straightness Course is THE course to answer all your crookedness woes!

This is a course about achieving Straightness as a horse-rider unit. This is THE course to learn the fundamental biomechanics of straightness (and its opposite, crookedness) and how it impacts everything else you do in your riding.

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The Introduction to Work in Hand Course

✔ Improve your relationship with your horse

✔ Easily teach new movements to your horse

✔ Improve your horse's balance, suppleness, coordination and body-awareness

 "Hands-down” the very best way to introduce your horse to the work in hand.

Learn how to do simple transitions and exercises with your horse with coordination, communication, and confidence.

Get lifetime, fully downloadable access to the training,

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The Better Dressage Through Straightness Challenge Recordings

You will get...

✔️ Recordings of all the Challenge trainings and Q&As 
✔️ PDF copies of the slides and horse exercises
✔️ All recordings downloadable
✔️ Lifetime access

So that you can...

✅ UNDERSTAND the problem with crookedness, and the attributes of straightness and balance
✅ learn an exercise you can use with your horse to identify your horse's stiff and hollow side
✅ UNDERSTAND how the rider can contribute to the horse's crookedness
✅ learn an exercise you can use to diagnose your own crookedness
✅ UNDERSTAND how dressage training can be used to straighten the horse
✅ learn an exercise you can use to help straighten your horse
✅ UNDERSTAND the basis of a Straightness based method of training. Training that is better for your horse's health and better for your dressage.

All of this for only €27.

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The Canter Blueprint Training

Learn more about the biomechanics of the canter and create a targeted training plan for your horse. 

This training is all about the canter and the pre-requisites for a quality canter.

It will help you understand:-
✔ the training principles on which the canter is built

✔ identify the KEY areas your horse needs to improve 

So you can prioritize your training work and plan HOW you will approach your training from here on out so that you can HELP your horse to canter at his best.

Get lifetime, fully downloadable access to the training, plus the recordings from the Q&As we held each day for VIP members.

All of this for only €37.

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The Path to Simple and Flying Changes Challenge Recordings

Learn how to train and develop your horse so that the changes become the most logical, easy thing to do.

You will get...

✔️All the recordings to the Challenge trainings and Q&As 
✔️ PDF copies of the slides and horse exercises

✔️ All recordings downloadable

✔️ L
ifetime access 

The Challenge Proposition...

Anyone can train their horse to do simple and flying changes.


❌ That means you don’t have to be a professional trainer.
❌ You don’t have to have a degree in changes (Tip: there isn’t one).
❌ You don’t have to have special talent.
❌ You don’t have to have magic.

✅ You just need to know the pathway.
✅ You need to know how to develop the horse so that the changes become the most logical, easy thing for your horse to do.
👉 And we are going to show you how to do that.
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Feldenkrais Courses for Riders

FeldenFit 4-Pack (BEST DEAL!):

***Scroll down the page to purchase FeldenFit 1-4 individually***

Purchase all 4 FeldenFit Programmes and get a discount!

4 x €97 = €388 

Today's Price = €297 (other currencies available)

FeldenFit 1 is the original FeldenFit program with Catherine McCrum with 30 days of daily 7-15 minute lessons. Catherine uses her knowledge as a Feldenkrais teacher and blends this with her background in sport and fitness to make a flowing sequence of exercises that enhance co-ordination, agility, suppleness and effortless power.

FeldenFit2 is the follow-up program to the original FeldenFit program. Join us and Catherine McCrum for 30 more days of daily 7-15 minute lessons. Catherine uses her knowledge as a Feldenkrais teacher and blends this with her background in sport and fitness to make a flowing sequence of exercises that enhance co-ordination, agility, suppleness and effortless power.

FeldenFit 3 is a series of 30 lessons that specifically address how to take your riding to the next level. Lessons and imagery that improve your foundation and support from the ground up, movements that free your head, neck and eyes from long-held patterns of muscular contractions, experiencing how ribs that are springy and supple impact the independence of your legs and hip joints. Clarifying the wave like oscillations of the pelvis, spine and head that make riding the more dynamic gaits smooth beyond imagination. And finally 4 specific lessons to do in the saddle, or in the barn before you get on. This is truly the rider's series!

FeldenFit 4 - The Freedom Series! FeldenFit 4 is the newest addition to the program. Catherine McCrum has designed the fourth set of 30 days of daily @15 minute FeldenFit lessons specifically for riders to help you find your true essence and break free from restriction.

Buy all 4 Now!

FeldenFit 1

The original FeldenFit program with Catherine McCrum with 30 days of daily 7-15 minute lessons. Catherine has created a flowing sequence of exercises that enhance co-ordination, agility, suppleness and effortless power.

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FeldenFit 2

FeldenFit2 is the follow-up program to the original FeldenFit program. We take a deep dive into the key concepts that we introduced in our first programme and we added the requests of the course members. 

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FeldenFit 3

Riders will love these sessions that clarify support from the ground up. When your feet, ankles and lower legs are well-organised, you can access the potential for both mobility and stability in your centre.

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FeldenFit 4

In the newest FeldenFit program, we introduce you to the theme of finding the length through the spine, finding a direction of support downwards through the legs with free hip joints, and width through the chest.

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"How Can Feldenkrais Help Riders?"

A 7 day Free Challenge.
Together with Feldenkrais Practitioner, Catherine McCrum, we have put together a set of off-the-horse lessons that you can use to improve your coordination, balance, suppleness, and feel. In this challenge, you will do one Feldenkrais lesson per day. These lessons are pre-recorded so regardless of timezone or location in the world, you can do it on YOUR schedule and terms. Then, once you have completed the lesson, meet us in the Facebook group for a discussion about the lesson.

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The Aware Rider Program

Parts 1 and 2. Feldenkrais with Catherine McCrum, fused with Dressage with Shana and Thomas Ritter.

What is the Aware Rider Exploration About?
How can we improve how we move ultimately with the aim of having a better relationship with our horses: One in which we can listen to ourselves as well as listen to them in such a way that they hear what we're saying. This is a conversation about the conversation we have with our horses.

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