The Rising Trot Mastery Program

The Powerful, 9-week Trifecta Experience to FIX all your Rising Trot woes and miraculously, almost magically, transform your rising trot from embarrassing and clumsy to elegant,  refinedand EFFECTIVE.


Starting August 8, 2022


6-module course taught by Dressage Trainer, Dr. Thomas Ritter, and Feldenkrais Practitioners, Catherine McCrum and Charlotte Zetterberg. 

Weekly theory lessons covering the what, why, and how of each problem so that you understand the foundation of each issue.

Weekly imagery lessons you can put to use whether you are riding regularly or unable to ride at all. 

Weekly Feldenkrais lessons you can do OFF the horse and reap the benefits while ON the horse

Live Q&A Sessions There is nothing like getting your questions answered live! Every 2 weeks we hold a Q&A session and you will be invited for the duration of this course.

Facebook Community, ongoing support and discussion.

HotSeats add-on available for specific coaching help from Dr. Thomas Ritter (Available for additional purchase, in the next step of Checkout, but not necessary)