2022 Topline Makeover

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A 30- week quality-focused program that gives you the understanding and techniques you need to sculpt, rebuild, and repair your horse’s topline ALL COMPLETELY FROM THE GROUND.

This non-riding course introduces you to using longeing, double-longeing, work-in-hand, and long reining to systematically build the horse’s movement patterns which support and rebuild a healthy topline.

In addition, this course introduces a new Bodywork concept called FeldenHorse developed by Catherine McCrum which are Feldenkrais-based lessons you do with your horse on the ground.

Perfect for any horse whose topline needs some TLC:
- Rehab horses who need to rebuild slowly and carefully,
- Horses who have been out of work for awhile,
- Young horses who need to build strength before training under saddle,
- Horses who show signs of topline degradation,
- Re-training horses (horses being retrained after bad training),
- Horses making a career change,
- Horses who cannot be ridden for some reason (or rider can’t ride for some reason),
- Older horses who need some extra help to stay strong and health.

Or ANYONE who wants to learn to use groundwork to correctly develop their horse's musculature, using Longeing, Double-Longeing, Work-in-Hand, Long Reining, and our "FeldenHorse" lessons.

☞ The 2022 Course begins on June 6, 2022.


Wow!!!! New Bonus Just Added!

The 2022 Rider Makeover Course

12-module course beginning July 2022 where we address HOW to fix the 12 most common mistakes that inhibit good development of the horse’s topline. Through Feldenkrais lessons, rider imagery lessons, and theory lessons we help you find a solution to whichever of these "riding" problems are most hindering your progress with your horse. This is the kind of makeover you would actually WANT to do!

This bonus is automatically included when you enroll today. 


The Topline Makeover Course produced amazing results for our 2020 Course Alumni who kept sending their friends and students to us to take the course. Finally, we are officially releasing it again. This is your opportunity to create your own topline transformation with your horse!