The Aware Rider I & II Program

A Two-part Program (two 6-week courses) taught by Feldenkrais Practitioner, Catherine McCrum, and Dr. Thomas and Shana Ritter.
Join us as we sit down for a series of  Trainings with Feldenkrais Practitioner, Catherine McCrum, to explore how we can improve how we move ultimately with the aim of having a better relationship with our horses: One in which we can listen to ourselves as well as listen to them in such a way that they hear what we're saying. This is a conversation about the conversation we have with our horses.
Feldenkrais is about learning to do less, so that you can feel what you’re doing that isn’t helping you. Then you can develop better ways of moving that allow you to do what you want with ease.

The Aware Rider I program is a set of pre-recorded sessions. You can work through these at the pace prescribed, more quickly, or more slowly. It is totally up to you. You will receive instant access to all of the recordings immediately.
The Aware Rider II program follows AR1 with one theory discussion and two lessons per week.
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