3-Tage Galopp Workshop - 22 Okt-24 Okt, 2018

€25,00 EUR

3 Tage LIVE Online Workshop Experience This workshop is designed to help you understand what is between your current...

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5-Tage Dressur Neustart


Machen Sie mit bei den 5 Tagen, in denen wir Ihnen helfen einen Schritt zurück zu machen, Ihre Gesamtsituation z...

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5-Day Dressage Reset


(EN) Join us for 5 days where we take you through the process of taking a step back, reassessing your situation, and ...

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Canter Special (Arena GPS eBook)

€29,90 EUR

Since many riders and their horses find the canter rather challenging, we have decided to put together a canter speci...

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