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Exercise of the Month Club


Learn 2 creative and fun exercises a month to use in training your horse. Learn each exercise in an exclusive LIVE training then watch demo videos of the exercise being ridden. Rewatch or download the LIVE training and rider demo video anytime. Each exercise comes with PDF instructions and tips. Membership includes access to the EOTM Facebook Group (open only to current members).  AND every month there is an additional surprise BONUS training! Join now and lock in at the founding member price of 29,90€/month.


Upcoming Courses and Programs (English)

"Learn how to prepare your horse for Flying Changes in 5 days" CHALLENGE

Monday February 19 - Friday February 23, 2018

5-day mini-course

Totally FREE!

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What, Why, How 2.0

Begins Feb 12, 2018

The continuation of WWH 1.0. We pick up right where What, Why, How 1.0 left off and further explore lateral movements, combinations of movements, and exercises that precisely gymnastize and develop the horse.

Prerequisite: WWW 1.0


Flying Changes

March 3 - June 29 (English)

Official enrollment opens Feb 23

Learn how to train your horse to do flying changes - yourself - without creating nervousness or anxiety by learning how to systematically prepare your horse. Learn the biomechanical components that result in the flying change. Learn how to how to fix the problems you have with your flying changes.


6 Dressage Essentials

April 23 - July 27, 2018

Official enrollment opens Apr 16

In this course we dive deep into exploring the 6 biomechanical essentials which form the foundation for every dressage movement.


Timing of the Aids

June 29 - July 26, 2018

Official enrollment opens Jun 21

An online course to learn to understand and FEEL the footfalls of the horse and the application of the aids based on biomechanics.


Canter Self-Study Course

Summer 2018 (English)

This is your opportunity to radically improve your canter. Commit to one month. One simple month.  DEDICATE it to improving your horse's canter.

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A Course about Straightness

Finally get a grasp on all of your and your horse's crookedness issues in this 12-week in-depth Straightness Course.  Our BETA COURSE has just begun, but we will be offering the full, final, and complete version later in 2018,

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The What, Why, How Course 1.0

Re-opens in late 2018/early 2019

This is where it all begins. Our "Signature" Course! Learn the what, why, how of training your horse - YOURSELF.


Kommende Kurse und Programme (Deutsch)

Galopp Intensivkurs

5 März - 21 April, 2018 (Deutsch)

Anmeldung beginnt 24 Feb

Dies ist Ihre Gelegenheit, Ihren Galopp drastisch zu verbessern.
Nehmen Sie sich einen Monat Zeit. Nur einen Monat. Widmen Sie ihn der Verbesserung des Galopps Ihres Pferdes. 

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Der Fliegende Wechsel

1 Mai - 31 Juli, 2018 (Deutsch)

Anmeldung beginnt 24 Apr

Lernen Sie, Ihrem Pferd selbst, in eigener Regie, die fliegenden Wechsel beizubringen - ohne es dabei ängstlich oder nervös zu machen, indem Sie lernen, das Pferd systematisch heranzuführen. Lernen Sie, die biomechanischen Komponenten zu verstehen und anzuwenden, die zum fliegenden Wechsel führen. Lernen Sie auch, wie Sie bestehende Probleme bei den fliegenden Wechseln beseitigen können.

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Was, Wie, Warum 1.0

Im WWW 1.0 beginnt Ihre Reise und Ihre Transformation...

Unser "Flaggschiff" Kurs! Lernen Sie das Was, Wie und Warum der Reiterei, sodass Sie ihr Pferd SELBST ausbilden können.

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Was, Wie, Warum 2.0

Beginn: 12. Februar 2018

Voraussetzung: WWW 1.0

Die Fortsetzung von WWW 1.0. Wir machen genau an der Stelle weiter, an der "Was, Wie, Warum" aufgehört hat und besprechen Seitengänge, Kombinationen von Lektionen und Übungen, mit denen man das Pferd präzise und individuell gymnastizieren und aufbauen kann.

What is Video Coaching?

Detailed instruction tailored just for you, your horse, and your situation through video conference software.
Regardless of where you are in the world, now you can get the support you need.

Quickly, How it works:
1. You record video of you with your horse. Any combination of riding, longeing, long-reining, or work-in-hand. Focus on getting footage of the “not so good” moments because that is where we can help you the most.
2. You send us a link to the video.
3. We meet at a scheduled time for 1 hour through video conference software (FREE for you) and watch the video together, discussing the issues.
4. You get detailed advice, tips, suggestions, exercises based on what we see in the video.
5. During the coaching session you can provide additional information which can help us to get down to the root cause of the issues which enables better quality solutions.
6. You can ask questions, get clarification, get seat advice, and mindset coaching to deal with any difficulties you experience along the way.
7. You get a recording of the session so you can watch it as many times as you like.

1 V.I.P. video coaching session



2-session V.I.P. video coaching package



6-session V.I.P. video coaching package



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